Choo choo shimmy technique for beginners

    A "prequel" to my Choo Choo Shimmy Masterclass, this is a step-by-step introduction to choo choo shimmy technique.

      Beginner Step Touch

        Tummy Pop Technique

        This is a move that all the top dancers sprinkle into their dancing - and you will too!

          Beginner Hip Circle

            Hip Snaps Accenting Up

              Beginner Forward and Back Step

                Umi Technique

                  Beginner Hand Undulations

                    Beginner Shoulder Shimmies

                      Beginner Undulations

                        Beginner 3 Step Turn

                          Beginner Figure 8

                            Beginner Egyptian Walk

                              Beginner Forward circle

                                Beginner Hip Drops Going Back

                                  Beginner Twisting Hip Lift